Introducing …

Pos4Woo – The iOS App that changes the way you run your WooCommerce Store!


Greet your customers!

Quick & Easy Shop Layout

Quickly Check your inventory!

Customer Order History

Carry your cash-register with you!

Close-Out Reports

Go Green!

I M P O R T A N T !

The Pos4Woo iOS app ONLY works with WooCommerce enabled WordPress websites.


Download WooCommerce Pos4Woo Plugin

In order for the app to work, you first have to install the Pos4Woo plugin on your own server.

In-App Purchases

If you like the Pos4woo point of sale app for WooCommerce, you can remove those annoying advertising pop-ups for only $ 1.99.
You can record cash payments separately in the cashiers cash register report with this in-app purchase for only $2.99. This in-app purchase also includes a change calculator for the cashier.

Next assign your app user the cashier role!

In the WordPress admin dashboard under users, assign the app user the cashier role!

Build Showcase

Just in seconds

Full Responsive

Works on any devides

Showcase shortcode

Showcase without Photoshop

Retina Ready

All devides are pure CSS

Best Mobile App

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High Quality

Very Flexible

High Speed